South Lake Tahoe Skydiving Experience Photo & Video Gallery

The magic of a skydiving experience is something that can never truly be described. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime exhilaration that you need to feel for yourself to believe. At Skydive Lake Tahoe, our mission is to help as many people as possible experience that electrifying excitement as possible. When you book a tandem skydive with us, you know you’re in for a premier skydiving experience like no other!

Tandem Skydiving Experiences in South Lake Tahoe near Minden, Nevada

We’re located in South Lake Tahoe, so our skydiving views are unbeatable. You’ll be able to take in the peaks and valleys of the glorious Sierra Nevada mountains, the astonishing waters of Lake Tahoe, and unparalleled views of the surrounding northern California and Nevada landscape. It’s a one-of-kind perspective of already magnificent scenery that you’re sure to never forget.

One of our skilled and certified skydiving instructors will be jumping tandem with you, ensuring your safety at all times. With their knowledge, support, and friendly demeanor, you’ll be comfortable throughout your entire experience and able to focus on enjoying the spectacular beauty around you. Our emphasis is on your safety, satisfaction, and providing you with seamless customer service (along with the thrill of a lifetime!).

If you’re interested in a tandem skydiving experience at Skydive Lake Tahoe, check out our gallery of photos and videos. They’ll give you a glimpse into the excitement, wonder, and amazing scenery you can expect from your own experience.

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions about skydiving with us or simply make a reservation for your skydiving experience online today!