Snow Cap Sky Dive

At Skydive Lake Tahoe we are open year round! This allows for our wonderful, adventurous business and staff to provide jumps during the hot summers as well as the beautiful winter ! The snow caps make for a back ground like never before in vacation photos ! Going to Tahoe for a ski trip ? Scope out the mountain first with a scenic flight over Tahoe before a 120 mile fall looking right at Beautiful Lake Tahoe! The snow may be chilly, but seeing the bright blue brings the Christmas spirit. Booking is easy with the option of online booking offered in English and Spanish, or giving us a call at (775) 790-7602. When you arrive our dog friendly office will put your nerves at ease, before our friendly funny jump instructor introduce themselves and get you suited and harnessed up. The flight is just as worth it as the jump ! With a scenic flight over Lake Tahoe, and a 12,500 foot drop/ parachute ride the process can take anywhere from one and a half hours to three hours. With games and snacks time flies no matter what you are doing at skydive lake Tahoe, weather it be playing Pac Man to jumping from a plane we have got it all !  Take a winter flight and drop any of those sad winter feelings!

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