Thinking of bring a group of people out to skydive? Here’s some information for you!

Call for potential discounts for groups!

Ask us about group pricing for video & photo combos!

-Weight and Age Restrictions-
Our weight limit is 220 pounds, however we can accommodate anyone up to 250 pounds. Anyone between the weight of 221-250 pounds will be charged two dollars per pound over 200 pounds. Example: Bobby weighs 245 pounds. Bobby will pay for his jump plus ninety dollars (45×2) We do this because it is harder on our equipment and instructors to take heavier individuals. Please be sure to inform our office if you are in the weight range of 221-250 pounds so we are sure to have an instructor available for you.
You have to be 18+ to skydive with us here at Skydive Lake Tahoe.You must also have a valid ID with you on the date of the skydive.

-How it works-
1: Your group will arrive and fill out a few pages of paperwork.
2: We will process your paperwork and payments.
3: We will decide if your group will be split into groups of one, two, or three. (This will depend on weighs and number of instructors we have available)
4: Each set of your group will go up to skydive one group at a time.
Have someone how wants to watch? No problem! A few people will be able to ride in the truck to our landing area, however if they have small children or animals with them they will be asked to drive their own vehicle. It’s about a five minute drive from our office.-
     -How long will this take? How long it takes completely depends on the size of your group.-
5: Once your group has finished your skydiving experience you will view your photos and videos. (This may take some extra time to finish up depending on how many photos and videos are purchased)
6: And you’re all finished! You can head down to the Taildragger Cafe right here on our airport to grab some food and a beer if you’d like!