Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal:
Tandem jump along with your significant other to start some excitement and get your adrenaline going! As your partner is gliding down in the sky they will be able to see a sign that says “Will You Marry Me?” As you both land you can go ahead with your proposal! Family and friends are welcome to greet you both on landing.

Sign set out with “Will you marry me?” – $50

-Custom signs-
Custom signs are available on request a month or more in advance to your proposal.

-Pricing for custom sign-
Call For Quote

Please contact us if you have any other special requests and we will do our best to make it happen!

-How it works-
Arrive and fill out paper work.
Go over payment (If you want the sign you will be charged an extra $50 which of course we will not say anything about if your significant other is around. We will just ad it to your bill.) You can also call and pay for the sign earlier.

You will both head to the back to get dressed and train. At this point you can make an excuse to come back to the front and bring the ring up to the front desk to be taken out to the landing area. We DO NOT recommend you taking anything with you in the airplane/skydive.

Your skydiving instructor will know already what is going on. He will be sure the person who is proposing leave the airplane first so that you can be on the ground first, get the ring and be ready for your special someone.

Skydive marriage proposal
Skydiving sign - Will You Marry Me?
Skydive Marriage Proposal at Lake Tahoe

Weight and Age Restrictions
Our weight limit is 220 pounds, however we can accommodate anyone up to 250 pounds. Anyone between the weight of 221-250 pounds will be charged two dollars per pound over 200 pounds. Example: Bobby weighs 245 pounds. Bobby will pay for his jump plus ninety dollars (45×2) We do this because it is harder on our equipment and instructors to take heavier individuals. Please be sure to inform our office if you are in the weight range of 221-250 pounds so we are sure to have an instructor available for you.
You have to be 18+ to skydive with us here at Skydive Lake Tahoe.You must also have a valid ID with you on the date of the skydive.